Tuesday, September 29, 2015

brilliant minds which speaks vs a special heart that listens...!!!

Dear Friends, When people are fuming with great ideas, carry expertise based upon their talent and hard work, have experience filled with multiple dimensions , possess know how which connects with the oldest to the latest start speaking, people like to listen to the wisdom for sure. The value addition that adds to one's own database of information and skills makes us listen carefully and carry forward the inputs for future interactions and situations. Every human being fills life with experience at the end of the day and this bucket of experience may carry memories of good and bad, memories of positive and negative, moments of joy and sorrow thus this body and mind expands with daily input of memories. Inner world is filled with whole lot emotions in the form of ambitions, desires, dream, worries, concern, challenges, frustrations etc. While this being comes in contact with someone who has the special heart to listen, not just ears to hear but someone who can listen with ears, heart and eyes too one gets a heavenly satisfaction, an experience one can treasure for life time...there is no dearth of smart people who can speak effectively, those who can radiate their smartness in many ways possible so called as Impression Management a necessary quality these days however it becomes to difficult to find people who can listen, and listen effectively. Somewhere we fail to understand, communication is not only speaking effectively but listening effectively. Effective listening makes a true leader, a matured individual someone who is not only reputed but respected too. The required patience and respect for people are most important qualities for being a good listener...many personal and professional conflicts and misunderstandings can be diluted if people start listening effectively, when they respect others and value the differences too. Wishing you a great time ahead. Thank you. Warm Regards, Linson Corporate Trainer,Mumbai 9323165937

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Flexibility of perspectives and rigidity of attitude...!!!

Dear Friends, The innovations happening on a regular basis are disrupting the existing concepts, ideas, methods, practices, processes in the world in many ways hence certain perspective might hold it's relevance during certain specific period of time however with the ever evolving business world heavily disrupted by the technological innovations makes it mandatory for us to develop flexibility to replace certain notion, perspectives, practices with the new one. Based on the existing inputs, know how, information, knowledge and experience we have specific ideas, concepts, thought processes or skills about our area of work however given the dynamically changing developments around, the idea to stick to those notions, skills, point of views would be a path towards disappointments only. So perspectives need to be checked and modified, corrected based on the latest in the field however the attitude for living and working should be strengthened day by day, the intentions, the motive, the hunger to make things happen, the determined efforts to make things a reality has to be matured , developed with greater grit and poise. Thoughts see the light of the day when they are backed with strong motives, intentions, which add the dynamics of untiring efforts to the execution of any activity or a goal. The take away from the discussion can be, let the thoughts change based upon the recent developments happening around to suit the contemporary requirements however the intentions, the attitude for making things happen should be rigid enough to fight all odds to success. Wishing you a great week ahead. Thank you. Warm Regards, Linson Corporate Trainer,Mumbai 9323165937 e-learning to evolve 5 minutes to Evolved 50 years Motivation, Stress Management, Team Work, Team Management Skills, High Performance Teams, Planning Skills, Life Style Management, Ethics and Etiquette, Communication Skills, Customer Service, Leadership skills, Managerial Skills, Change Management, Selling Skills, Time Management, Innovation, Meditation and Self Transformation

Monday, September 14, 2015

being effective

A farmer could find a nest of a goose on one of the trees in his field, when he approached the nest he could find an egg of the goose which was yellowish in color, it was shining with different brightness hence the farmer tried to pull it and he could see that it was a golden egg, he was happy and surprised beyond limits and with all the happiness he went home. He could not control himself next day and got up early in the morning to see the status in the nest on that day, he went to the farm and observed that again there was a golden egg in the goose nest. He was overwhelmed with joy and happiness again. Thus everyday he used to get up early in the morning and without any delay he used to rush to his farm to see the golden egg, this has become his routine which has brought him a great life with all the wealth he could think about. His greed for the golden egg increased day by day and he could not control his patience, the greed increased but the patience decreased, so one day he thought why keep waiting for the egg daily instead let me kill the goose and get all the golden eggs possible within an attempt. So he killed the goose and tried to find out the eggs however he was left with no egg as the goose died, eventually there were no eggs for him and no source of wealth as such. He has done the damage himself due to his greed and impatience. Dr. Stephen Covey has mentioned this meaningful story in his book, 7 habits of highly effective people. Dr. Covey says, Goose was the Production Capability (PC)and the Egg was the Production ( P ).He says Effectiveness in Life and work comes when one maintains this P and PC balance. Sometimes we are so focused upon the result that we forget the means of reaching to the result / output. Leaders are so concerned about the result that sometimes they forget to care for the teams which bring them result. Sometimes we are absolutely mad in getting the best in life and achieving the best possible but we neglect our health physical and mental. Effectiveness is about maintaining P/PC balance, which can be brought by balancing both the ends : the short term and the long term, the personal life and the professional life, achievements and well being, the result and the means of achieving the same. Hope this helps us introspect our approaches to life and work. Warm Regards, Linson Corporate Trainer,Mumbai 9323165937

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Thought process and it's impact upon human physiology...

Dear Friends, A prisoner was about to be hanged as per the court orders, the Psychologists wanted to use this opportunity to study human mind and it's impact upon the Physiology. They went to the jail authorities and suggested a different way out to punish the Prisoner, after receiving confirmation they went back to the prisoner and explained the game plan. The Psychologists said to the prisoner that he won't be hanged and do not have to go through the painful process of death rather he would be sited in the chair with eyes closed, he would be bitten by King Kobra and within a minute he would be dead. The prisoner agreed with this plan, it was arranged as per the plan...the prisoner was sited in the chair post all the formalities for the event, his eyes were closed by the dark black cloth so that he could not see anything outside, instead of King Kobra the Psychologist used two pins to bite the prisoner's body like that of the snakes action...despite the fact that the prisoner was not at all touched by King Kobra he died. It was further found that the poison of the King Kobra was within his blood...this was quite surprising to the Psychologists. The Psychologist's could understand the impact and intensity of thought process upon human physiology...positive, optimistic thoughts has a different impact and the negative, frustrating thoughts has a negative impact altogether. Thoughts process within the mind creates a proportional effect within the entire body...in the famous movie, 'The Secret" which is based upon the book, "The Secret" by Rhoda Byron describes this phenomenon quite vividly. The law of attraction mentioned in the book has a fundamental base in human thoughts which has magnetic power. So kind of thought process we remain engaged into needs to be cautiously analyzed to bring about quality and peace in life. Wishing you a great time ahead. Thank you. Warm Regards, Linson Corporate Trainer,Mumbai 9323165937

Monday, September 7, 2015

the leader, the mentor, the crisis manager, the God

Dear Friends, Dahi-handi, has been a magnificent celebration across on the occasion of the birthday of The Lord : Krishna. Dahi-handi relates to the childish activities of the God during his childhood days which gets celebrated in this format. The formation of the humanly pyramids is a fantastic example of strategic team work for reaching the goal...a spirit which can be inculcated by one and all on every sphere of life's interactivity. ISKON celebrates it with a spiritual and religious touch besides many such efforts not only across India but out of India too. Lord Krishna born as a Supreme power in the form of a human being has a practical approach towards life. In the famous war of Mahabharata when Arjuna was depressed due to confusion and conflicts in his mind while facing the opposition army of his cousin's, it was Lord Krishna who has poured all his wisdom in convincing Arjuna to fight the war...the address made by the Lord to Arjuna, the wisdom he has shared while motivating Arjuna is the sole content of a book : Bhagavatgita. In today's world of competition and pressure many business schools across the globe and back in India have included Bhagvadgita into their Management syllabus. It is the finest collection of wisdom in dealing with life and it's challenges in all it's facets. The Lord has not only taken the Leadership by being the Sarathi of Arjuna where he lead with an example, he was fully part of Arjuna's mission. The Lord has played a role of a Crisis Manager by motivating Arjuna to fight the battle. The Lord acted as a true mentor when Arjuna was depressed, a necessary skill for Leaders of our times, due to complexities arising due to various reasons it is likely that even the most performing team may not perform to it's best capacity, it is here the Mentoring skills of the Leader can help the team in removing the clutter from it's mind to challenge the limits. He was a complete supreme power in the form of a human being...the wisdom necessary to traverse the path through life's challenges is very much available in Bhagavadgita, a perspective of the Lord which is relevant in the contemporary times. Warm Regards, Linson Corporate Trainer,Mumbai 9323165937

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

rewriting the script...

Dear Friends, When our body and mind comes in contact with people, situations and things we form our own impression about them which in a way makes us respond accordingly. So the impression we form about anything we come in contact with is pretty important while dealing with them cause our response is directly proportional to the impression we form. Do we form an impression the way things are or do we form an impression the way we see them ...??? We might say we form the impression the way things are however when thought deeply the mechanism of mind's response to an external activity is based upon the way the mind interprets it, sees it which very much depends upon the way we are ...hence being is seeing is the fundamental truth. In a similar situation two people with different mindsets will have different impressions about the same, one might focus upon the problem and the other might see an opportunity. Tremendous success has been created by the one's who had absolute no sources or resources despite terrific situations around, loudly justifies the fact that it was their interpretation which made them fight with situations and make way to the heights...hence having that inner nucleus which believes in achievements of goals well supported by perseverance inside based upon tremendous capacity to work hard goes a long way in making things happen despite plenty of challenges. Every creation is created twice, first in the mental world and then in the physical world...unless something is created within the mind's eye it can see light of the day, having that spirit to make things happen is what makes people see things differently despite challenges...it is hence an established fact that, seeing is not being but being is seeing...the way we see people, situations and things around makes the real difference which depends upon our inner being. Consistent learning and unlearning drive, consistent efforts to self empowerment adds value to the spirit of being relevant and helps us to see the external world with the correct lenses to form a correct picture to respond accordingly. Warm Regards, Linson Corporate Trainer,Mumbai 9323165937

Kalam's principles of Leadership...

Dear Friends, Dr. Raghunath Mashelkar the Ex-DG of CSIR ( Council of Scientific and Industrial Research) and Dr.Vijay Bhatkar ( Ex- Director of C-DAC Pune and the man who was behind the making of India's 1st Super Computer PARAM ) were guests on a TV Channel talking about many dimensions of the life of Dr.kalam. Dr.Mashelkar said in his opinion Dr.Kalam followed 3 important principles which contributed a lot to his splendid success...Passion, Innovation and Compassion. Scientific temperament was very much the capability of Dr. Kalam, his passion for Science and Teaching ( he wanted to be a teacher besides his scientific temperament and after his retirement he pursued the same as his career till death). Innovation but obviously was his nature his passion for learning new things could fetch him the responsibility of leading India's Integrated Missile Program as his boss Mr.Tipnis said. Many developments in SLV ( Satellite launching Vehicle) programs could be contributed to his innovative abilities only. His innovative nature reflects into his Vision for a Super Power India, in his book Vision 2020he has written deeply about many fronts whereby India as country can rise to be the Super Power. He liked reading, writing, teaching, research, music etc. also shows Innovation was his nature. Compassion, humility was grounded within him till the last moment , when asked about, which achievement in his life made him more happy, he said it was the reduction of weight of the Calipers which are used by Physically handicap people. made him more happy was his answer...while going to his last lecture in IIM-Shilong he could see the guard Lavang standing for 4 hours, he has instructed his Security to ask him seat when it could not happen due to communication problem he called the guard and asked him whether he needs some rest, whether he is hungry and then started the lecture. For sure every Leadership and every individual looking for more in life in a meaningful way can replicate these principle Dr. Kalam followed in his successful life. Warm Regards, Linson Corporate Trainer,Mumbai 9323165937