Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Dear Friends, Right from the moment we have acquired consciousness we have started making choices in many ways, the context is changing day by day as we grow however the core mechanism of making choices remains there till we are able to do so. Nature of choices we make keep changing as we grow well influenced by external and internal factors. Importance of making choices in life has much to do with our quality of life, the happiness and the unhappiness….the success and the failure…the achievements and the disappointments. Intelligent choices safeguard us and lead us to correct results to a greater extent however flaws in making the choices create complexities before us…every day we make choices personally professionally, decision making is part and parcel of life as a whole. Well thought out, well planned, well researched choices with the blend of the past experiences help us fetch positive outcomes.Nobody in life can claim to have made intelligent and correct choices always however these errors teach us to make correct choices that is why it is said life is a consistent learning process which unfolds all new challenges day by day to empower us with experiences, lessons, wisdom, maturity. Learning to make correct choices is a consistent process which matures day by day ... Dr. Kalam in his book Wings of Fire says ," Success comes through right decisions, right decisions comes through experience and experience comes through wrong decisions" ...that is when we get matured and wise enough to say we have learnt decision making and we understood life to an extent…!!! Wish you a great time ahead. Thank you. Warm Regards, Linson Philospher,Author,Trainer,Educationist, Social Activits

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Zero state of mind...

Dear Friends, Silence speaks actually ,silence is the origin of critical /extraordinary thinking which gives rise to ideas ,solutions ,paths and might be a creative or a logical endeavor, it's strength comes out from silence ,the peace of mind ,the space where there exists silence within which is the 0th state of mind...while dealing with or while acting upon the challenging tasks or decisions one needs to reach this state so that the issue can be seen from a global perspective to arrive at the exact solutions or so... Scientific ideas have been originated in the spiritual state of mind where there was a connect between the sub conscious mind and the space available...the so called cosmic world...the practice of meditation or morning workouts or the refreshing methods and ways make it easy to reach the 0th state of mind...which in turn brings the best of the potential adding extra edge to the endeavor in is necessary to preserve and derive this Zero state of mind amidst challenges ,complexities especially in the modern times which is flavored with whole lot of chaos around...whether at a Strategic level or at an Execution level Zero state helps to develop an accurate focus towards dealing with the external world ... end of the day that is about streamlining performance ,potential towards speed and ease of living and moving...keep it up...!!! Warm Regards, Linson Philosopher ,Author ,Trainer, Educationist , Mumbai India.,9323165937

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Even small people can inspire...

Harsha Bhogle a well known Cricket Commentator while speaking about Excellence at IIM-A mentioned about one of his learning experiences ,he said when he started his career with Television Broadcasting ,he had no role model to follow ,it was his all alone journey ,he had experienced many highs and lows during this period ,a retake for 20 times for a slot was the toughest one he said…the tough experiences made him all the more serious about the job in hand.
He had seen that the Technician ,the Cameramen were all passionate guys ,they used to focus all their heart and soul in the job they were doing ,the way the support  staff had been committed to their job had moved him very much ,he started paying attention to their passion ,devotion and perfection which they were all driven by.
He candidly agreed before IIM-A crowd that his achievements today had a great amount of inspiration from the guys behind the curtain ,he says these low profile people have taught him  Management of Excellence in reality .The same thing could be observed when Rahul Dravid was speaking on the eve of his Retirement Ceremony organized by BCCI , he said he is thankful to all concerned who worked hard behind the curtain towards organizing  the Matches towards success. Not always we need Role Models who are High Profile ,even the small people can give better messages too.
Wish you a great day ahead.
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Rags to Riches from South India...

Dear Friends,
Read below an inspiring story of a person which can be defined as a Rags to Riches phenomenon ,it is indeed a Motivational story which would inspire many to remain positive and keep making efforts till the goals are achieved….happy reading.
Success story of dish washer who became a dosa king :
Coming from a poor background, in Tamil Nadu’s Tuticorin district, Prem Ganapathy had no choice but to abandon his dreams for higher studies, in order to support his family and siblings. After Ganapathy completed his tenth standard, he did not want to study further. "My teacher told me that I should continue studying but I told her frankly that I do not want to study. We had lot of financial problems so I wanted to work and earn money, help my family. Even getting water and firewood was an arduous task. We had to walk miles to get water and firewood," says Ganapathy. His father had a tobacco business which ended in a loss. He also incurred huge losses in the farm. With seven children, his parents struggled to make ends meet.
The Mumbai saga :
He first started out doing odd jobs in Chennai, which fetched Rs 250 a month. He met a young boy who promised him a good job in Mumbai. "He said if I pay him Rs 200, I would get job with a salary of Rs 1,200. I wanted to leave but knew my parents would not let me go. I was only 17 years old then. So I left Chennai without informing my parents," says Ganapathy.They got down at Mumbai's Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, a place where thousands of migrants land every day in search of a better livelihood. "I was scared but I was willing to take the risk. We took a local train to Bandra and I was eagerly waiting to see where I would begin my new career. He took me to a tea shop and vanished. My worst fears came true. He had just dumped me there," Ganapathy reminisces.
There was no job as the man promised. Instead he was abandoned in Bandra, a Mumbai suburb. Hunger was his only companion when he roamed the streets of Mumbai in search of a job. But this boy did not lose hope, he decided to stay back and fight for survival.
"My father instilled in me a lot of positive energy. This is what kept me going strong. I have tried to see an opportunity in every loss.”.
The first job :It was the most unforgettable day in his life. He could not speak Hindi, he did not know anyone in the city nor did he have any money. Finally, he met a friendly taxi driver and told him his story.  "He took pity on me and said they can collect some money and send him home. The train fare was Rs 121 then. But I said I will not go back home. I will do some work and live here. I slept in the temple compound till I found a job in a bakery in Mahim to clean pizza-baking vessels. I used to sleep in the shop itself," he says.
After working there for six months, he found another job, to deliver pizza bread to a hotel in Chembur. Later, he moved to Navi Mumbai where he started working as a dishwasher in a restaurant called Gurudev.  "As a Tamilian, I faced discrimination in the beginning. We were given only kitchen work to do. After a while, I started to move out of the hotel, to give tea/coffee to shopkeepers around that area. I used to earn Rs 1,000, three times more than the other boys as this service was based on a commission basis," he says.
A sincere worker :
Ganapathy was meticulous and sincere in his work. Unlike others, he never got into squabbles with anyone. "I used to keep a note of every person's requirement, some wanted strong tea, some wanted it without sugar. So I established a good rapport with the outside world. One person who had a small business saw that I was enterprising and hard working so he suggested that we open a food stall on the street on a joint partnership. He invested the money and told me to do the work and he promised me half of the profit," he says.
The stall near the market area did good business. But the person duped him. He refused to give Ganapathy any share of the profit as promised and said he would give only Rs 1,200 as salary. So he called off the partnership and decided that it is best to do something on his own.
The food stall business :
Ganapathy realised that starting a food stall would be the best way to earn good money. Two years after he landed in Mumbai, in 1992, he went back home, got his brothers to help him. "I borrowed some money from friends and rented a handcart for Rs 150. It was really difficult in the initial days. Many times, the municipality vans used to come and pick our handcart. But I was very positive and determined. I never gave up hope," says Ganapathy.
"I scored on account of cleanliness and the variety of food I offered. I got the recipes from my mother and brought the masala from my village. . . so the food I offered had a distinct flavour, which made it an instant hit.”
A turning point :
Finally, in 1998, Ganapathy decided to take a kiosk outside the Vashi railway station in Navi Mumbai to open the first outlet called Prem Sagar Dosa Plaza. Fortunately he got good response from the first day itself. "I added more variety to the menu. Along with his dosa outlet, I also tried my luck by investing in a Chinese restaurant, but it flopped. However, I tried to add the Chinese flavour in the dosas, which worked very well," he says.
His experiments with dosas resulted in exotic varieties like American Chopsuey, Schezwan Dosa, Paneer chilly, Spring roll dosa to name a few. Within a year, Dosa Plaza had created 25 original varieties of dosas.
"In 2003, a new mall called Centre One opened in Vashi. The people from mall management team who knew me suggested that I open an outlet in the mall."So Prem Sagar Dosa Plaza joined the big league of restaurants to open a swanky outlet in the mall which attracted a lot of attention. Dosa Plaza has indeed become a runaway success.
Today, Dosa Plaza has 35 outlets across 10 states in India with a turnover of over Rs 5 crore (Rs 50 million).
His biggest recognition came when his story was published in Rashmi Bansal's book 'Connect the Dots' as one of 20 best enterprising individuals without an MBA.
Any regrets on not studying? "Well, not at all. But speaking in English becomes difficult when I go abroad. Other than that I don't think I would have learned so much in any school. My experience has been my biggest teacher," he says.
He has risen from humble dishwasher to owner of the fast food chain ‘Dosa Plaza’.
Does he ever think about the man who abandoned him? "In a way, I reached here and achieved so much because of him. I wonder where he is now..."
Absolutely a Rags  To Riches reality :
Wish you a  great day ahead.
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yes there is a way…

Rags to riches...

Dear Friends,
The world is full of Successful Personalities who have crafted their fortune out of efforts, grit and courage. They have challenged the ordinary views and perspectives ,they have developed the courage to see life differently with all the courage and their fortune had finally rewarded them with brilliant achievement no less than dream come true….their life stories remain as Light House which would show paths to success to the one’s who dream for…please read below an inspiring story of an Indian Women  who had made it big in US making Indian Women proud for the potential they had…     
Jyoti Reddy…CEO, KeySoftware.
At the age of just 16, She married because of her family financial position. By the age of eighteen, she became mother of two girls. She worked for Rs. 5 per day. But today she is the CEO of Keys software solutions in USA.
Meet Ms. Jyothi Reddy - CEO of Keys software solutions.
Early Life and Education:-She was born in Narasimhula Gudem in Hanumakonda mandal, Warangal District as eldest of four children to a common peasant who has lost his employment during emergency. His father was joined in Army but could not continue because of his attachment with the family. As it was very difficult for the family to meet the both the ends, he was forced to join Jyothi Reddy BALASADAN, a government orphanage at Hanumakonda as amother less child.From 5th class to 10th class Jyothi Reddy stayed in orphanage by having solitary life away from home. She passed 10th class with good marks bt could not continue her education. At the age of just 16 they performed her marriage with Mr. Sangi Reddy and at 18, she became mother of two girls.
Career:- It was very difficult for her to provide even basic needs to her family.So she started working as agriculture labour for Rs. 5 per day. She worked from 1986 to 89 on field. in 1989,Nehru Yuvak Kendra (NYK) started a night school in the village to teach the basic education for adults. She was the only educated girl in village so they appointed her as the volunteer to educate the adults after giving some training. It fetched her Rupees 150 per month. Her hard work and dedication impressed the Inspection authorities  and they  appointed her Mandal Prerak of Hanumakonda.
After being appointed as Mandal Prerak Jyothi had to visit all the centres of the Warangal district and realized the importance of education. She completed her graduation and post graduation Distance Mode from Ambedkar Open University. Even University authorities were impressed by her urge for education. She did B. Ed from Anna University and become a government teacher.
A Dream: When Jyothi was working as inspector of schools, a relative of her who settled in America came to her place. Jyothi accompanied her during her stay and observed how much change had been taken in the life style of her America settled relative.So for a bright future for her daughters, she made up her mind and learnt computers and started saving money for her passport and visa.. After series of early failures she could get a visiting visa and flew to America with a little amount.
she joined as a salesperson in “ Movie Time ’’ a video shop in New Jersey. She stayed as paying guest in gujarathi family. While she was working iin Video Time a known Indian from Warangal saw her and recommended her name to his brother who owned a company called “ CSAMERICA” and she was appointed as recruiter after being trained. Later a well know company ICSA offered her a good job with handsome salary. Again she faced some problems as her visa was not approved and she went for H1 visa. She had to resign her job in ICSA and again had to work for $5 per hour in nominal jobs till she got her H1 visa.
She went to Mexico for her VISA stamping. All the hardships of obtaining visa gave her an idea of establish her first entrepreneurship to assist the people to get their Visas. Thus Keys software solutions was initiated. It extended it services like developing software solutions and recruitment and other job providing areas.  Jyothi came to America in May 2OOO and by September, 2001 she became entrepreneur. She made her cousin as partner as his partner and extended her business to become more profitable.
Fulfillment of Dreams
- Her hard work, commitment and dedication fetched her the success she dreamed for. She made enough money to take care of her children and her near relatives. Her two daughters could finish higher education in America from prestigious universities and got married to well settled bridegrooms. Her dream to provide good living conditions to her daughters was fulfilled.
Humanity: She strongly believes the words of Mother Teresa… “ The worst disease in the world is neither poverty nor other, lack of feeling of belongingness, being unwanted is the worst ”. Whenever she visits the Orphanages in India she prefers to spend more time with the orphans. She visits Women’s colleges and empowers them with her life experience. She helped many Indians to settle in America by providing initial shelter and guidance.
Wish you a great day .
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Mumbai India,,93231765937
yes there is a way

Patience and mutual understanding...

Saint Kabir was Scientific and Practical in his thought world ,a man approached him and said he had a poor family life with his wife ,there had been quarrels ,misunderstandings ,confusions and whole lot of differences in his married life ,he wanted the solution to put an end to all this ,cause he was frustrated and fed up with what was happening in his life. After having heard the entire story Kabir asked his wife to lit the Lantern and keep it out of the home ,he further asked her to get two glass of milk ,when they were drinking the milk the person found that there was no sugar instead it was a salted Milk however Saint Kabir was drinking it all happily.
The man was puzzled to see all this, one though it was day time Saint Kabir asked his wife to lit the Lantern second though it was Salted Milk he was happily drinking it ,he could not wait and asked Saint Kabir what was going on…Saint Kabir said when he had asked his wife to lit the lantern despite being the daytime she patiently did it without asking why or so…she might thought when He had asked for, there must be some reason ,similarly when the Milk was salted instead of Sugar being added,  he thought may be Wife also thought something behind doing this so he did not ask her….Saint Kabir further this was the  mutual understanding they both had hence they had a happy married life…mutual understanding made it happen else it would have led to conflicts…the person got the solution for his worries.
In view of the recent incident in Mumbai where a lady killed her two small daughters because of the conflict in their married life, the husband was  at Senior level in Corporate world…it could be observed that Designations and Qualifications are not able to work out the differences and disputes between relationships on both the fronts…Patience level is getting diminished ,we all need to work on this area…we need to share this ,create awareness about this towards global good.
Wish you a meaningful day ahead.
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Warm Regards,
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Making the difference...

Dear Friend,
Life in itself is the greatest inventions in the whole system of universe…spread across continents in variety of geographical ,social, economic conditions it has been flourishing since it’s inception on planet earth. This invention is flavored by variety of colors called life styles which arise in the uniqueness of the brain that every life brings along since birth ,on the basis of the processing powers of the brain system life takes it’s own path towards it’s end purpose traversing through different channels based on various factors external and internal.
End of the day the journey salutes the one’s who are able to create their presence despite obstacles whatsoever. Speed ,momentum ,velocity with which we drive this invention towards more ,towards growth and prosperity ,towards achievements in life adds a winning color ,adds the color of satisfaction and joy to every life. The inspiration can add momentum to  our lives as well.

Wish you a great day ahead.
Thank you
Warm Regards,
Philosopher ,Author,Trainer ,Educationist ,Social Activist